Whenever you need, Ülker biscuits are there for you!

At many moments in your life Ülker can provide a happy moment. Whether you want something sweet, savory or low calorie, Ülker biscuits are there for you. To assuage their hunger put a Çizi, Çubuk Cracker in your child's lunch box. If you are counting calories have a, Mavi Yeşil biscuit... and there are mant others... For 70 years Ülker Biscuits has been producing biscuits for Turkey.

Ülker Bisküvi Sanayi A.S.
Ülker Bisküvi started as a small bakery with just three workers, producing 200 kg of cookies per day. Details
Meet new Rondo Çoko?
If life’s got drama, Rondo has creama. And now Rondo Çoko is covered with chocolate. Details
Healthy Mavi Yeşil
For 65 years the most loved biscuits are made by Ülker.Well, which one is your favorite Ülker biscuit? Details