Human Resources

Training And Personal Development

At Ülker, orientation sessions and, if neccesary, Fundamental Training Programs to prepare for their positions are conducted for new employees.

  • The theoretical phase of Orientation is conducted twice a month in the Camlica Conference Hall, by the Training Division. Additional on-the-job orientation will be structured for all group companies and conducted by your manager.
  • Fundamental Training Programs are technical training programs which cover what the employee will do in his/her new job. (Product training, technical skills training and workflows are taught)

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Social Opportunities

The Ülker Group provides its employees with opportunities and experiences in order help them to have a successful career. For us, an employee’s skills, achievements, performance and potentialmay change as his career develops. Therefore, the efforts of our employees are channeled into career opportunities for them, with the support of the Human Resources.Of course, we try to do our best for Ülker.

Development of Human Resources

"Our biggest assets are our employees...”
We give priority to, ensure and support employee development . Employees are our most valued asset, not only to achieve business targets and build the company’s competitive strength but also for their own happiness.

With our Training and Development Programs, our employees are encouraged to become the best they can be at their jobs and prepare themselves and Ülker for the future. Among Ülker’s development opportunities are specialization programs, leadership training, conferences - both domestic and abroad and personal and professional development programs.

Performance Management

In Ülker, we use a Performance Management System to reward employees for their achievements and potential and also to determine fields of development for them.

The target of our Performance Management System is to determine how each employee contributes to the vision of the Ülker Group and consequently, to develop their capabilities.