News and Notices

News and Notices


Having met from real estate sale profits of 27,486,141.35 YTL and extraordinary reserved funds of 26,858.65 YTL within the registered capital ceiling of 500,000,000.-YTL of the issued capital, our company has been transferred from 241,087,000.-YTL to 268,600,000.-YTL. The shares that have been issued for this reason were registered on 12/14/2007 at number 101 / 1202 by the Capital Markets Board. However, this registration does not mean that the Board or the public acts as a guarantor for our Partnership or its shares.

Our partners have the right to obtain free shares from the shares representing the increased capital amounting to 27,5The issued shares will be entitled to dividends as of the 2007 fiscal period. In the event of profits, dividends from the 2007 will be distributed for the first time. (The free shares issued become entitled to dividends as of the fiscal period when the capital increase is registered and in the event of profits, dividends may be obtained from profit from 2007 for the first time.)


The right to free shares can be exercised of for for 15 days between 12/28/2007 and 01/11/2008 at the application locations stated below or at the Company Headquarters after the expiry of this period. The right to free shares will be made available at the application locations stated below as of 12/28/2007. There is no time limit for receiving free shares.

Share owners whose shares have started to be monitored by the Central Recording Institution according to the regulations of the Capital Markets Legislation (those share owners whose shares are traded in the Stock Exchange) will receive their free shares in transit according to Capital Markets Legislation.

Our partners whose shares are not monitored according to the regulations must apply to the stated addresses and show their number 4 share coupons for the shares they already own and after that the Company will transfer the entire shares they already own (provided that they submit their shares by December 31, 2007) as well as the new shares under the capital increase to their accounts opened in the Central Recording Institution by the Company on behalf of them. In following share issuance, hard-copy shares will not be provided.

Financial rights that arise from the shares which have not been submitted by December, 1st 2007 will be monitored and recorded at CRI as of this date and management rights will be used by CRI. If the owners submit their shares according to related regulations after December, the 31st 2007, their financial rights which are being monitored at CRI will be transferred to their accounts. These can be re-transacted at the stock exchange provided that they have been submitted for the purpose of dematerialization and records of rightful owners have been saved at CRI.


1- Company Headquarters: Davutpaşa Cd. No:10 Topkapı / İSTANBUL Tel : ( 0212-567 68 00 )

2- Ülker Bisküvi Sanayi A.Ş. – Ankara Branch: Esenboğa Yolu 21.Km. Çankırı Kavşağı / ANKARA Tel : ( 0312-399 29 29 )

3- Bizim Menkul Değerler A.Ş. (Authorized Mediator Institution): Hürriyet Mh. Adnan Kahveci Cd. No:139 Kat:1 Kartal / İSTANBUL Tel : ( 0216-452 90 90 )

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