Subsidiaries - Atlas Gıda Paz. San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Atlas Gıda Paz. San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Atlas Gıda Pazarlama is one of the leading companies of bakery products in terms of sales and reach. It issues invoices to 80% of 170,000 points of sale throughout Turkey, which are visited at least once a week.

Established in 1987, Atlas Gıda Pazarlama carries on an efficient and widespread distribution/marketing operation in 10 regions across Turkey, in addition to its head office organization in Istanbul. Atlas Gıda Pazarlama’s organization of distribution channels consisted of distributors, chain markets, local markets and sales representatives in 2007, although it transferred the Chain Markets to a newly established Group company, Pasifik Gıda Pazarlama, at the end of 2007.

Distributors: Atlas Gıda Pazarlama’s 132 distributors market the products they buy from the Company to the regions and points of sale through their own sales organization.

Sales representatives: Using vehicles hired from Atlas Gıda Pazarlama, sales representatives’ organizations buy and sell products to points of sale allocated to them in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. There are 160 sales representatives in total working for Atlas Gıda Pazarlama.

Following the restructuring in 2005, Atlas Gıda Pazarlama has focused primarily on the domestic distribution of biscuits, cakes, crackers and some chocolate covered products. There are 40 brand names in Atlas Gıda’s portfolio.

Following the establishment of a Category Assistant General Manager’s Department, the Company was able to implement different promotional and consumer initiatives for different product categories in parallel to its rapidly expanding product portfolio, develop storage and logistics strategies on a product basis, and measure its delivery efficiency more accurately.